1. RxP2200 Scanner & 3D Printer: Bring your design to life

    RxP2200 provides seamless workflow for capturing existing object, do validation and modification using existing CAD system, build prototype and test.

    RxP2200 Scanner

          *   An unprecedented combination of power and accuracy of 0.005 inch.

          *   Rich full colour photo data for every surface point without skew between colour and geometry

          *   Shadow free imaging and wide colour gamut

          *   No pre-set size limit enabling scanning of multiple types of surfaces without special preparation.

    RxP2200 3D Printer

          *   Enables you to lower cost and time of prototyping

          *   3D Printer has two Models

          -   Duplicator 4x+ with Double extruder with print volume 225 * 145 * 150 mm

          -   Dplicator 5 with large print volume 305 * 205 * 605 mm

    Download Brochure:RXP2200 SMART Printers Download Brochure:RXP2200 SMART MINI Printers Download Brochure:RXP2200 SMART PLUS Printers Download Brochure:KUDO Series Printers Download Brochure:RXP2200 Scanner

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